Flexing America’s Manufacturing Muscle

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Manufacturing Let’s talk about The Made In America Movement. Launched by Margarita Mendoza, the group educates consumers about the importance of buying local, American-made products. Their mission is to play a role in the restoration of the U.S. economy by connecting U.S. manufacturers with consumers. MAM is an organization “lobbying for the American made manufacturers, small business owners, the mom & pop stores, local boutiques and service providers…sharing ideas on how to get involved within your community, providing you with resources on how to buy American made products.” 

If “buying American” and “American Manufacturing” is a trend, we’re in trouble, but you all know that already.

The Made In America Movement is all too aware that America has to turn the trend into a perpetual affair, “A single voice can plant a seed. 100,000 voices will demand attention. A million voices will affect change.” The organization believes in the strength and propulsion of a collective initiative and echoes Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever does.” My, my, Margaret!  The Made In America Movement website is chock full of useful information: motivational and enlightening. Find highlights about initiatives with paralleled messages like the Coalition For a Prosperous America and Buying America Back. They feature a collection of favorite and pertinent blogs to follow, including an interview blog segment that spotlights the importance of American Manufacturing. Read absorbing and inspiring accounts like how the Maker’s Row team’s paths evolved into the creation of a platform that unites factories and product based businesses in the US. The blog’s author is Logan Beam, Director of Marketing and Communications at the All American Clothing Company. (Find The Made In America Movement on Facebook, Google+Twitter and LinkedIn) Beam defines his intention, 

The truth is, we are all citizens before we are businessmen, celebrities, athletes, servicemen, or politicians. This segment is a place where all types of American citizens can come together to share ideas, insights, and offer ways to benefit our economy. Notice I said our economy. There are many ways Americans can come together and support a great cause. I hope this is one of them.Manufacturing

The Made In America Movement has been vital in building support for the soon–to-be-released full-length documentary, Made In The USA: The 30 Day Journey. MAM’s website showcases the Trailer and Teaser clips from this sure-to-be illuminating film. This Made In The USA, LLC presentation explores the rise and fall of USA made products. The production is sure to render debate, as one man sets out on a journey in which he will live off of USA made products for 30 days. He talks with locals to find out if “Made in the USA” really means anything anymore and what that means for the future of our country. The film inspects our predicament, 

The devastating impact the recession has had on this country can be seen in almost every town in America. The job losses have been dramatic as unemployment continues to hover between 8 and 10 percent. Many say out of control government spending is the issue and others say corporate greed has contributed significantly to this recession. One thing is apparent, the fading middle class. Can this problem be solved by simply making our own products again? If so, how do we compete with the rest of the world when they can offer such cheap products? We will define “free trade” and ask experts if it is good for our country. We’ll ask the experts and get opinions from locals on many issues related to “Made in the USA” as we travel the country. 

(You can find and follow Made In The USA: The 30 Day Journey on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.) In the spirit of like-minded efforts collaborating, the film’s site also headlines The Made in America Movement, touting that Mendoza… 

Has been heavily involved with the American Movement spreading hope for a recovering US economy through personal stories, and active involvement in on-line and off-line communities. “For working families to make it in America, we need to ‘Make it in America’” is her motto. 

The Made In America Movement confronts challenges that are anything but humble and trivial. It calls for every American to first face the palpable reality of our nation’s posture and then, more critically, join them in MOVING.

Accelerated Buy Sell, Inc. Therese Yacenda is the Social Media Manager at Accelerated Buy Sell, Inc. and Manufacturing Web Solutions as well as a contributing author to the blog. She orchestrates the social media landscape for the “Accelerated Group of Companies” that provides tools and services to help manufacturers grow and exit strategies to maximize dollars when they are ready to retire or sell their manufacturing business. Accelerated’s group of companies that provide services to the manufacturing industry includes: www.AcceleratedBuySell.com – Provides Online Industrial Auction Services, Used Equipment Auctions, Capital Equipment Auctions, Plant Liquidations, Industrial Plant Cleanout Services, Used Machinery Location Services, Certified Machine Tool and Equipment Appraisals, and more. www.AcceleratedMfgBrokers.com – Specializes in Manufacturing Business Brokerage and Mergers and Acquisitions.  We help manufacturers develop exit strategies to maximize retirement dollars, and successful manufacturers expand through acquisition of other manufacturing companies, product lines and customer lists.  Manufacturing Companies for sale throughout the United States are listed on this site. www.AcceleratedRE.com – Provides Industrial Real Estate Brokerage Services, Online Real Estate Auctions, Sealed Bid Real Estate Auctions and complete industrial facility cleanout services. www.IgniteMfg.com – Provides funding for products made in the USA, and engineering/manufacturing educational needs through Crowd Funding. www.MfgWebSolutions.com – Provides web development and social media services for manufacturers at under-market rates. Therese Yacenda is a contributing author to: blog.AcceleratedBuySell.com - A site that provides the latest manufacturing news, statistics and opinion.   It also provides information on how to grow a manufacturing business, and what to do if you are a manufacturing company that needs to close. MFGWebSolutions.com/blog - Provides the latest information on social media and web development for manufacturers.  It gives manufacturers tips and tricks for boosting their web presence.

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