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manufacturing Esperanza High School, located in Anaheim, California has been selected by SME Education Foundation to participate in its PRIME (Partnership Response in Manufacturing Education) program.

The SME Education Foundation’s aim is changing the future of manufacturing education while responding to the manufacturing and technical talent deficit. Basically, PRIME’s focus is creating partnerships between organizations, businesses and schools that impart a comprehensive community-based approach to manufacturing education.

As a PRIME designated school, Esperanza receives a 3-year commitment by SME Education Foundation to provide assistance in creating and fostering partnerships with local manufacturers to furnish internships, job shadows, and mentoring . In addition, PRIME schools are funded $35,000 within those three years that supports equipment, post-secondary scholarships, a STEM-based camp (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and continuing education for instructors.

For this PRIME elected school, most of the funding will be directed at the expansion of their University of California- Irvine Engineering Performance Program, Esperanza’s Engineering and Manufacturing Academy, field trips, existing events that motivate and inform counselors as well as instructor training.

CEO of SME Education Foundation says,

“Esperanza High School was named an exemplary PRIME school because of their skilled and dedicated instructors, engaged and active students, strong administrative support, the right mix of academic and real-world experience and the measurable success of their Engineering and Manufacturing Academy.”

I have been rooting around Esperanza’s website and their mission statement says it all: it’s inspiring, intelligent and passionate.  It’s no wonder that this high school has been recognized for its merit. Let’s have a listen to a couple of Esperanza’s amazing instructors who have certainly put the school’s mission into practice:

Larry Enyon, one of Esperanza’s Engineering instructors knows how necessary it is to have hands-on skills accompany theory, “We want to give industry students, who have mechanical background in engineering and manufacturing, practical skills- how to use the machinery, tools and some design skills.”

To that end, Enyon and Dennis Walters, Esperanza’s Manufacturing Instructor work diligently to have the best possible equipment and facilities for their students. Walter affirms,

manufacturing “PRIME is not about us, it’s about setting the bar, increasing awareness and encouraging school districts to improve their relationships and effectiveness as they work with local universities, business and industry. Shared knowledge benefits our students. It is gratifying to work one-on-one with our students and help them realize their potential by understanding how to connect the dots. Every school district should have a program like this for their district students. No excuses.”

Hear, hear Dennis!

I can’t get enough of Esperanza so look for more to come about Esperanza High School and how one former graduate, now a NASA astronaut, put Esperanza on the map.

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